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Dear Fellow Asia TEFL Members,It is a great honor to serve Asia TEFL for another term as president of Asia TEFL. I also feel a heavily responsibility for the tasks that need to be done in the next two years. As you well know, the Asia TEFL family has grown to more than 5,000 members from 34 different Asian regions and 16 in the rest of the world in just two and half years. Asia TEFL has already organized three very impressive and successful conferences and published five issues of our Journal. Asia TEFL is fundamentally different from organizations such as TESOL, Inc. and IATEFL in that they operate on revenue from membership dues and registration fees. Presently, those wishing to become members of Asia TEFL need not pay any annual membership dues. There have also been no conference registration fees for Asia TEFL members. Asia TEFL is a non-profit international organization that is run mainly by donations from its members, institutions, publishers, business corporations, and even governments. This is how our 2003, 2004, and 2005 Conferences were financed. 

In principle, Asia TEFL is an association to which ordinary professors and teachers can have easy access. As you well know, the Asian countries and territories vary widely from region to region in their economic situations. If we were to set annual membership dues and high conference registration fees at rates similar to those of TESOL or IATEFL, Asia TEFL would quickly become an association for a very limited number of members and could quickly become ineffectual. I would like for Asia TEFL to be an organization that is quite different from other existing associations in this aspect. This is my goal and the philosophy underlying the foundation of Asia TEFL. But at the same time, this requires your full understanding and commitment to the organization, which is based on the spirit of sharing and volunteering. More financial support from the organization should go to those who would otherwise not be able to be part of our professional world. This should be a fundamental element to be considered when you are wondering about no membership dues for Asia TEFL and no high registration fees for Asia TEFL conferences. During the next two years, I would like to place strong emphasis on the followings:
First, we should concentrate our efforts on the publication of the Journal of Asia TEFL to make it an internationally recognized one. I would like to ask those who plan to contribute articles to the Journal to be rigorous in paper preparation. I would also like to ask the editorial committee members to examine every submitted article exhaustively. To globalize our Journal, good quality articles in terms of content and written expression are extremely important. We are establishing a Best Research Paper of the Year Award to promote scholarship. Second, I will try my best to make the 2006 and 2007 Asia TEFL International Conferences as attractive as possible to both our members and nonmembers with full cooperation with the Japan and Malaysia Conference Organizing Committees. In order to achieve this, we will need to improve the quality and variety of presentations and invite more widely recognized scholars from inside and outside the Asian continent. Third, Asia TEFL will try to provide its members with a variety of information and high quality services. We will do this through our newsletter and journal, both based on the Asia TEFL website, and through our conferences. Fourth, Asia TEFL will publish a series of books on English language teaching and learning, together with the Journal of Asia TEFL. Fifth, Asia TEFL will try to lay a foundation for a Asian Common Framework for English language teaching and learning similar to the European Framework. Sixth, if feasible, Asia TEFL will attempt to construct a standardized English proficiency test that is appropriate to the Asian context. I really hope that all of you will join me in this noble dedication. Your constant interest, active cooperation, and undying devotion are crucial to Asia TEFL'continued success. I wish the best of health, wealth, and wisdom to all of you.
With warmest regards,

Hyo Woong LEE,Ph.D.

Dean of Graduate School
Professor, Dept. of English Language & Literature, College of International Studies
Korea Maritime University