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Visa Application for Entry to Japan


Dear Conference Participants,


We have received inquiries from some of you concerning visa application for entry to Japan . A visa is required for everyone entering Japan for Asia TEFL 2006, except for the holders of passports issued by the governments of the countries Brunei, Hong Kong (SAR), Macau (SAR), South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Israel, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and E uropean Union (E U ) countries. For a complete list of countries having visa exemption arrangements with Japan , follow the link below:


In order to apply for a visa, we recommend you to contact your nearest Japanese e mbassy or consulate. For embassy and consulate addresses and phone numbers, follow this link:


For most of you, the visa you will be applying for is a temporary visitor's visa as described below:


Short-term stays refer to temporary visits of up to 90 days for such purposes as sightseeing; sports; convalescence; visits to relatives, friends, or acquaintances; amateur participation in athletic meetings or other contests; business trips (such as market surveys, business liaison, business talks, signing contracts, and after-sale service for machinery imported into Japan); and friendship visits. These activities require either a temporary visa or transit visa. (However, this category excludes profit-making operations and paid activities. )


Reproduced f rom:


In order to apply for the visa , you will need to present the following documents:


A ticket for boarding an airplane or a vessel to leave Japan , or a written guarantee issued by a transport company.


A valid passport which enables the foreign national concerned to enter foreign countries out side of Japan .


Documents certifying that the person concerned can defray all expenses incurred during the ir stay in Japan .


You will be responsible for 1-3 above. In addition, you will be asked to submit a letter of invitation in order to prove that you are, in fact, participating to the conference. For most of the cases, our official invitation letter would serve the purpose.


Please refer to the link below for details about the required documents:


A visa application form can be downloaded from the link below:

We are hearing from some conference participants that the Japanese embassy or consolate in their country requires a " letter of guarantee " ( " Mimoto Hosyo Sho " in Japanese ).

But a ccording to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo , it is not usually required when you apply for a temporary visitor's visa, provided that the applicant has a letter of invitation (containing the name of the conference, date , etc.) and 1-3 above.


The Asia TEFL 2006 Conference C ommittee will do our best to assist in welcom ing you to Fukuoka , however, the application for visa is a complicated process that varies from country to country . Please remember that m ost of the committee members are academics like yourself , who have no authority i n deciding whether to issue a visa or not .


At this point , neither Asia TEFL nor the Conference Committee is able to issue a letter of guarantee in which the organization has to declare that it serves as your legal or financial guarantor.


Our recommendation is that you read the links above and contact the Japanese diplomatic embassy or consulate in your area . Tell them that you are attending , or presenting at, the Asia TEFL 2006 C onference and that you will be returning to your home after the Conference. You may download the Conference information (and information of As ia TEFL) from the website. In most cases, it will be more than sufficient documentation


If you still have a difficulty, please contact us so that we can discuss the best possible way to deal with the matter.




Asia TEFL 2006 Conference Committee