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Volume 6 Number 2, Summer 2009, Pages 1-231  

  From the Editor-in-Chief
  1.Yuko Goto Butler
Issues in the Assessment and Evaluation of English Language Education at the Elementary
School Level: Implications for Policies in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan
Globalizing ESL Classrooms: The Design Principles of Academic Reading Strategies Instruction
for On-Line Adult Learners
  3.Barbara Spilchuk
  Crossing Borders and Negotiating Conflict: Lucian’s Story of Teaching English from within the
  Singapore Primary Classroom
  4. Yuko Iwai
Toward Communicative Competence in the Japanese Context: The Challenges Facing
Japanese English Teachers
  5. Alex Henry and Robert L. Roseberry
Move Registers and Language Teaching
  6. Kiyomi Chujo and Kathryn Oghigian
How Many Words Do You Need to Know to Understand TOEIC, TOEFL & EIKEN? An Examination
of Text Coverage and High Frequency Vocabulary
  7. Joseph Ernest Mambu
Triangulating “Possible Englishes” at Lexical and Syntactical Levels Used in Indonesian EFL
Pre-Service Teachers’ Written Narratives
  8. Yu Zhonggen and Chan Swee Heng
English Language Attrition in Short Conversation and Passage Listening Comprehension
  9. Guo Yan and Qin Xiaoqing
Chinese College English Learners’ Attitudes and Behaviors in Computer-Assisted Autonomous
Language Learning