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Volume 6 Number 1, Sprint 2009, Pages 1-214  

From the Editor-in-Chief
  1.Mansoor Tavakoli and Behrooz Ghoorchaei
   On the Relationship Between Risk-taking and Self-assessment of Speaking Ability:
   a Case of Freshman EFL Learners
  2. He An E and Elizabeth Walker
   A Corpus Analysis of Pedagogical Monologues in a Content-based EFL Context
  3. Heng-Tsung Danny Huang
  Previewing and EFL Reading Comprehension
  4. Li Zhang, Tongshun Wang, and Yue Sheng
   How Do Mainland Chinese Learners of English Use Compensatory Strategies to
   Aid Communication: A Qualitative Analysis in Three Communicative Environments
  5. Mansoor Ganji
   Teacher-correction, Peer-correction and Self-correction: Their Impacts on
   Iranian Students’ IELTS Essay Writing Performance
  6. Sawako Kato
   The Relationship of Language Learning Strategies and Personality on English
   Proficiency in Japanese University Students
  7. Yongyan Zheng
   Exploring Chinese EFL Learners’ Receptive and Productive Vocabulary
   Knowledge: Implications for EFL Vocabulary Teaching
 8. Zorana Vasiljevic
   Incorporating Rich Vocabulary Instruction into a Language Classroom