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Volume 5 Number 1, Spring 2008, Pages 1-157  

 From the Editor-in-Chief
  1. Yinghui Sun
   Citation Problems of Chinese MA Theses and Pedagogical Implications
  2. Tomohito Ishikawa
   The Effect of Task Demands of Intentional Reasoning on L2 Speech Performance
  3. Yuko Goto Butler and Asako Takeuchi
   Variables that Influence Elementary School Students' English Performance in Japan
  4. Shien Sakai, Man-ping Chu, Akiko Takagi, and Seongwon Lee
   Teachers' Roles in Developing Learner Autonomy in the East Asian Region
  5. Ali Isik
   Linguistic Imperialism and Foreign Language Teaching
  6. Megumi Oda
   Thinking Critically about Critical Thinking in TESOL: East vs. West