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Volume 4 Number 4, Winter 2007, Pages 1-271  

  From the Editor-in-Chief
  1. Yeon Hee Choi and Hyo Woong Lee
   A Model of English Teacher Development in Asia Based on Surveys on Teacher Qualifications and Education Programs
  2. S. Mohammad Bagherzadeh Hosseini and Is´haaq Akbarian
   Language Proficiency and Collocational Competence
  3. Masanori Yamada and Kanji Akahori
   An Analysis of the Relationship between Presence, Consciousness and Performance in Learner-centered Communicative Learning Using SCMC - Experimental Study
  4. Parviz Ajideh
   Lexical Chains or Semantic Networks as Effective Top-down Pre-reading Activities
  5. Hou Shujing and Xie Hui
   Incidental Vocabulary Learning of Non-English Major Graduates
  6. Hisashi Okuno
   A Critical Discussion on the Action Plan to Cultivate "Japanese with English Abilities"
  7. Li Jing
   Campus-Network-Based and Computer-Assisted College English Learning System Development in China and A Study of English Language & Culture CAI Matrix
  8. Massoud Rahimpour and Fatemeh Hazar
   Topic Familiarity Effect on Accuracy, Complexity, and Fluency of L2 Oral Output
  9. Chiharu Nakanishi
   The Effects of Different Types of Feedback on Revision
  10. Pedro Luchini and Analia Rosello
   Developing Learners' Oral Communicative Language Abilities: A Collaborative Action Research Project in Argentina