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Volume 4 Number 3, Autumn 2007, Pages 1-240  

 From the Editor-in-Chief
  1. Anne Ma
   A Tale of Two Curricula
  2. Faizah A Majid
   Looking in From Within: Student Diaries as a Bridge to Understanding the Reading Minds
  3. Guo Yan
   Autonomous English Learning among Postgraduate EFL Learners in China: A Study of Attitudes and Behaviors
  4. Keiso Tatsukawa
   Developing an Assessment Tool for the Strategic Competence of Japanese EFL Learners
  5. Alvin Leong Ping
   Developing the Message: Thematic Progression and Student Writing
  6. Pragasit Sitthitikul
   A Comparative Analysis of Awareness in Reading L1 and L2 Texts: EFL Thai Students' Strategies Use, Processing Speed and Linguistic Knowledge
  7. Sanae Tsuda and Yuka Shigemitsu and Kazuyo Murata
   Cultural Awareness in Teaching English: Analysing Intercultural Communication and Teaching Positive Politeness Strategies
  8. Soo-Ok Kweon
   Acquisition of the Distinction between Particles and Prepositions by Korean Learners of English
9. Wenxia Zhang and Meihua Liu
   Students' Perspectives on a School-based English Proficiency Test