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Volume 3 Number 4, Winter 2006, Pages 1-225  

 From the Editor-in-Chief
  1. Gordon Joyes and Zehang Chen
   Developing Teacher Autonomy and Reflective Practice through an Online Teacher Education Course
  2. Han Han
   Keeping the Ball Rolling: A Curriculum Change in the College English Program at a Chinese Institution
  3. Larisa Nikitina and Fumitaka Furuoka
   Bridging a Gap between Traditional Instruction and Communicative Language Teaching in a Foreign Language Classroom
  4. Deron Walker, Ph.D.
   Improving Korean University Student EFL Academic Writing with Contrastive Rhetoric: Teacher Conferencing and Peer Response Can Help
  5. Joo-Kyung Park
   Professionalization of TEFL in Korea: The Roads behind and ahead
  6. Jee Hyun Ma
   The Role of Prosody in Recognition Memory for English Sentences
  7. Jiuhan Huang
   Understanding Factors that Influence Chinese English Teachers' Decision to Implement Communicative Activities in Teaching
  8. Tomohito Ishikawa
   The Effect of Task Complexity and Language Proficiency on Task-Based Language Performance