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Volume 3 Number 3, Autumn 2006, Pages 1-175  

 From the Editor-in-Chief
  1. Kristofer Bayne
   Are Written Instructions in Learner Materials Always Necessary?
  2. Sarintip Raksasataya
   Undergraduate Achievement: Portfolio Assessment
  3. Wen-Hsing Luo
   Collaboration between Native and Non-native English-Speaking Teachers: How Does It Work?
  4. Maureen Rajuan
   Multicultural Communication between Jews and Arabs in English Teacher Training
  5. Dong Wan Cho
   A Non-structured, Empowered and Activity-oriented English Immersion Program in an EFL Setting
  6. Ly Thi Tran
   Different Shades of the Collective Way of Thinking: Vietnamese and Chinese International Students' Reflection on Academic Writing
  7. Luciana
   Roles of Output in Foreign Language Learning: A Case of Collaborative Grammar Task