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Volume 2 Number 3, Autumn 2005, Pages 1-149  

  From the Editor-in-Chief
  1. Charlene Tan
   The Linguistic Pragmatism of Mandarin in Singapore
  2. Jun Yang / Xiaoxiang Li
   Validating the Feasibility Study Framework of Streamline English Curriculum Innovation in China
  3. Hawanum bt. Hussein / Arshad Abd. Samad
   Helping Remedial Students Help Themselves: Causal Attribution and Language Proficiency
  4. Lixin Xiao
   Do We Reliably Know What EFL Students Like in English Classrooms at University Level?
  5. Eun-Young Park
   Error Treatment in EFL S-CMC Tasks: An Analysis of Corrective Feedback
  6. Rao Zhenhui
   Gender, Academic Major, and Chinese Students' Use of Language Learning Strategies:
   Social and Educational Perspectives
  7. Jim McKinley
   A Western Researcher in a Japanese University Writing Classroom:
   Limited or Advantaged? Cultural Sensitivity and the Debate on Japanese Students' Critical