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Volume 2 Number 2, Summer 2005, Pages 1-151  

  From the Editor-in-Chief
  Managing Editor's Note
  1. Stephen Andrews
   Professional Standards in TEFL: A Challenge for Asia
  2. Gui Qingyang
   Beware of Blind Westernisation of TEFL in Asia: A Chinese Case Study
  3. Pedro L. Luchini
   A New Approach to Teaching Pronunciation: An Exploratory Case Study
  4. Atsuko Kashiwagi, Michael Snyder & James Craig
   The Role of Explicit Instruction in the Development of L2 Phonology
  5. Jihyeon Jeon
   A Study on Oral Presentation Anxiety and Confidence: A Comparison
   between L1 and L2 Presentations
  6. Soraya Khonsari
   Approaches to Content-Based Academic Writing
  7. Sui Gang
   Teaching Creative Writing in English: An Innovative Means of University-level EFL Education
  8. Somchoen Honsa, Jr. & Pongrat Ratanapinyowong
   Boosting Students' Autonomy as well as Writing Accuracy and Fluency through Journal Writing